No-one writes in isolation. The clich√© of the writer in a garret has died a death and rightly so. We writers are a much more connected community and, as a writer, I’ve had help, advice, information and encouragement from a vast array of sources. So this page, with its subpages, is devoted to those sources.

For writers:

Check out my writing resources page to find out about great websites or books with advice about writing.

For historians (and writers):

Check out my¬†bibliography¬†for books I found useful when researching the little that’s known about dark-age Scotland.

For readers (and writers):

Check out my book recommendations page for books I loved, books I’ve recently discovered and books that have influenced my writing.

For fellow-Instagramers (readers and writers):

Check out my indie author page for links to people I follow whose writing I admire, who make me laugh and make me think, sometimes all of these at the same time.

Do let me know if there are any brilliant resources you know about that I’ve missed out. The chances are I don’t know about them but would love to, so send me a comment.

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