Barbara Lennox writes historical fiction set in Scotland, as well as short stories and poems. The first part of her three-part retelling of the Tristan and Isolde legend, The Wolf in Winter, will be published on 11 November 2021. This will be followed by The Swan in Summer in 2022 and The Serpent in Spring in 2023. 

To be published 11 November 2021

How do you protect a hero?

Corwynal, son of the King of Lothian, dreams of reputation as a warrior. But when his half-brother, Trystan, is born on The Night of Thresholds, he’s forced to rein in his ambitions to become the child’s guardian and mentor.

For seventeen years, he’s kept Trystan safe in Lothian. But now the British Kingdoms have declared war on the powerful Caledonian Confederacy, and there will be no safety for anyone. Especially a young man determined to win fame as a hero.

As war spreads throughout the Lands between the Walls, Corwynal must emerge from the shadows and reclaim his lost dreams if he’s to guard the boy he’s given up his future to defend. But how much more will he be willing to sacrifice for the boy with the secret he can never reveal?

A spell-binding story of second chances, of love and letting go. An epic journey into the heart of a man riven by conflict, set amidst the warring cultures of dark-age Scotland.

First in The Trystan Trilogy, The Wolf in Winter is a thrilling retelling of the classic Arthurian story of Tristan and Isolde.

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Video trailer announcing the publishing date:

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